Saliaven Chronotis

Saliaven Chronotis

Saliaven Chronotis

Vulpine Impersonation

Vulpine Impersonation

By Paul Calhoun

For an anonymous supporter, the first in my list of $5 per 1000 word concepts. Not as long as I would have liked to make it, but that just means I had a challenge of getting everything in.

A house sitter takes delivery of a pair of fox costumes and is confronted with the possibility of going out with the owner's boyfriend after he puts the female one on.

Allie Sequel 7: Last Exit

Last Exit

By Paul Calhoun

Finally! The last Allie sequel. I've had foreshadowing for this going for awhile, so hopefully it doesn't seem like a deux ex machina. It also foreshadows the final true Allie and the next Unplanned Adventures.

This might not be the last story for some of the characters, but it's their last adventure being written about together. Bruce and Mark are given their solution, Donald is left with questions but not unhappy, Alan settles into a content relationship with Dereck and Connor is given a punishment and a choice.

Extreme Togetherness Series

Two very offbeat couples who use costumes to improve their relationships.

ET 4: Obedience Trainer

Obedience Trainer
By Paul Calhoun

They're back! My group that takes the sliding scale of romantic vs. nymphomaniac, rips the slider off and tries to insert it in various places.

Jess has yet another brilliant idea to help their completely secure relationships! This time there's pushback and she has to modify, but her final plan is even better than the original. She decides that Kevin needs to learn to be more assertive and so places herself under his control for the night. Sort of. It's hard to let go.

I decided to make Charles and Melissa slightly more snarky because I thought Jess needed a balancing force besides her steadier husband. I like the idea, though, of them all being only less amorous as compared to her. The other three have big sexual appetites, but she makes them look normal.

Equine Audition

Equine Audition

By Paul Calhoun

The centaur concept is one I've been bouncing around in my head for longer than the unicorn story. It's one of the oldest ideas I've had that hasn't already been written out. It started with just a guy who buys a centaur costume with a mechanical back end for a party and finds a very realistic female top to go with it. I added bottoms later and planned on there being some seduction. Then I had the idea of the centaur being a guy in a girl costume with a machine back claiming to be TWO girls in a suit and that the rear girl was shy and getting people to interact with the shy girl while the front one had sexy times eventually leading up to tricking people into taking the shy girl's place because she'd 'gotten embarrassed.' All of this is still possible with the current ensemble, but I wanted something more. And so came the story that went about 10,000 words over what I'd planned.

Actual synopsis: An actor is invited to a costume party to audition for a prestigious theater and ends up going as a cute centaur dryad.

The Bat and the Dragon

The Bat and the Dragon
By Paul Calhoun

I've been desirous of going back to romance plots and this one (like everything else) has been in the pipe for a long time.

My first time writing a gay couple starting that way rather than becoming through disguise and circumstance. I couldn't resist putting in a bit of stereotypical dialogue (though stereotype for me is very different since mine comes from reading so many books written by LGBT scholars).

Oh, right, plot. Halloween party, one decides he's tired of being the only married gay couple at the parties, skinsuit, catwoman, evening out. Obligatory cameo by characters from other story arc. How big is this town anyway and how come there are so many people buying skinsuits there? Hey, that sounds like the plot of a story!

Twice Foiled Thrice Lustful

Twice Foiled, Thrice Lustful

By Paul Calhoun

It's Halloween season, so I thought I'd bring back one of my most popular casts, though not in the way requested. Filip/Rachelle and Rob meeting is a romantic story, and Halloween is the season for tricky stories! So we have Delmore and Lerman once again trying to prank a friend with a girl disguise.

With the score so heavily weighted against Delmore, one can only wonder what the third installment will do to him...

Unicorn Power

Unicorn Power

By Paul Calhoun

This is the unicorn story. Two guys, a unicorn suit, a scheming prince, a wizard and everyone with a plot to rise in station.

So ... almost 30,000 words. It could have been a full length novel, but I didn't want to get into a project like that.

Triple Cross Double Prank

Triple-cross Double Prank
By Paul Calhoun

Something I intended to be a short but became a bit longer. One of the few times I decided to go with something that pretty much exists in its own domain without any sequel hooks.

Two boys disguise their friend as a pretty girl to prank a fourth one, but is that all that's happening?

Allie Sequel 6: Speed Limit

Speed Limit
By Paul Calhoun

And so, ladies and gentlemen, we come to the penultimate installment of Allie, where we set up the fates of the five boys who started out impersonating their own babysitter for fun and profit.

Connor continues to grapple with the fact that his girlfriend likes Allie better than him.

A door closes on Alan, but love comes in his window.

Donald ... his plot actually pretty much resolved already, so he's just there to help out.

Mark tries to thank Bruce for everything he's done, but all Bruce wants is the chance to stay a mother.

Two's A Wolf

Two’s a Wolf
By Paul Calhoun

A commission.

A wolf takes a rabbit home for supper and his friends go to rescue him with the help of a suspicious hare and a sexy bitch suit.

I had a lot of fun with this because I thought I wouldn't get any more really original 2-person suit ideas, then I was given a toony feral comm and realized I'd never done anything like it!

Teenage Robot Stories

Two stories based on My Life As a Teenage Robot

1: Sheldon house sits for the Wakeman's and finds Jenny's spare outer casing. Sexiness, hilarity, mistaken identity and attempts of superheroics ensue. Includes a brief reference to:

A commission to do Sheldon in an XJ-9 disguise again, this time using a test version of her adult body

Allie Sequel 5: Homeward Track

Homeward Track
By Paul Calhoun

Mark's hopes are dashed when he gets home and Bruce does not take off the Brenda suit. On the other hand, he's being such a good mom that Mark isn't sure he WANTS him to and Mark starts to get an idea for thanking Bruce for being so good to him.

Playing for Keeps

Playing For Keeps
By Paul Calhoun
A medieval scallywag gets locked up in a courtesans' boudoir that had been renovated as a temporary jail. The only way out is in the wardrobe!

Allie Sequel 4: Multilane

By Paul Calhoun

So we're back to the Allie plot. More foreshadowing of the UA in the question of who is Antigone and where did she come from?

Each of the boys has their storylines further fleshed out. Not sure if I'll continue this way or focus one one next time.

Catburglar 6: Catburglar's Cradle

Catburglar’s Cradle
By Paul Calhoun

The final installment of Catburglar. Kelly takes care of loose ends, Ned comes to terms with his forthcoming death of personality and Mike lets the nanites loose on Kelly.

Contains foreshadowing for an Allie story that is forthcoming this week which in turn is foreshadowing for the Unplanned Adventures.

Catburglar 5: Fantoccini’s Feline

Fantoccini’s Feline
By Paul Calhoun

A certain someone mentioned that I don't do sweet/sentimental/positive sex scenes. Simple answer to that: it's usually my clients who want the hardcore stuff and I like to go the discreet path in my more upbeat work. However, I figured Kelly and Reg getting together was a really special occasion, so enjoy some sex scenes in which everyone is happy, knows who the partner is and is having a blast.

Kelly gets the Blue Fairy Treatment and we have spoilers/foreshadowing for the Allie series.

Wigging Out

Wigging Out
By Paul Calhoun

A man finds a female disguise and then forgets to take it off before he answers the door.

A test of a couple of masking elements I wanted to try out. First the mask itself which is unlike those I usually use and also an exploration of what happens when the target boyfriend knows from almost the very beginning who the female really is.

A pair of themed pairs

A pair of Themed Pairs
By Paul Calhoun

I felt like riffing on a couple of ideas without making a big series out of them. Two love doll stories and two prehensile limbed alien stories. Sweet doll, stuck doll, exploited alien, opportunistic alien.

Adult for when you work out what the words 'venerate' and 'gratify' mean. Oh, and sex dolls. But really those two words are a hell of a lot dirtier in context.

Catburglar 4: The Catburglar Who Came in From the Cold

The Catburglar Who Came in From the Cold
By Paul Calhoun

Kelly spends Christmas with Reg's family and Reg tells Kelly what he's known for awhile now. Also, Kelly continues to adjust to life as a female with a loving family. A few scenes that don't advance the plot added because I thought they added character.

Catburglar 3: Foxy Catburglar

Foxy Catburglar
By Paul Calhoun

I was going to do the discovery, but I like to give my characters a vacation every so often, so here's some gratuitous fursuiting and romance. As if there's such a thing.

I've had this idea kicking around ever since I read a most excellent story about a girlfriend pranking her boyfriend by feigning injury and when he runs out to the car, she does a quick change into a werewolf costume and chases him around. Go read it, it's great:

Allie Sequel 3: Crossroads

By Paul Calhoun

Paid for and most of the concept from bunnyman bunnyman But I did him a cut rate deal so I could put in some plot advancement while I was in there.


The romantic, criminal and other adventures of Ned, Reg and Kelly.

Catburglar 2: Seeing Double

Seeing Double
By Paul Calhoun

Kelly and Reg have been dating for awhile, but Ned is starting to worry that the elusive Starling is becoming too notorious. He's also worried that he and Kelly never show up in the same place. He can decrease the number of heists he pulls as Kelly, but she'll need her boyfriend's help to fix the second. The only problem is that she'll have to get him to do it without him knowing why!

I, Vera

I , Vera
By Paul Calhoun

A pair of engineers with a prototype hollow female robot covered in a sexy secretary skin hear the boss coming. By the time the night of over, they'll have heard him come in several different places.

Catburglar 1: Pussy Catburglar

Pussy Catburglar
By Paul Calhoun

A sneak thief sees a movie about a glamorous sexy femme fatale in a movie and starts to wonder whether a beautiful woman would make the best distraction.

The Unplanned Adventures Part 7 - Uncompromising Celebration

Uncompromising Celebration

By Paul Calhoun

In which our heroes find out that working for the school is more interesting than they'd expected. Introduction of yet another love interest for Susan.

Allie Sequel 2: No Outlet

No Outlet
By Paul Calhoun

Commission by bunnyman

Mark sees something sexy but confining. Connor bets he can't stay in it for two hours. Sexiness ensues.


The continuing story of a group of youngsters who find a skinsuit of a teenage girl.

The Tail of the Wolf and the Shepherd

The Tail of the Wolf and the Shepherd
By Paul Calhoun

Something from the list. Done in fairy tale style because it fits.

Sorcerous wolves attempt to seduce a wealthy shepherd turned land owner from his flocks but matters turn against them when he kills their leader and takes his magic hame. Things turn against HIM when his wife finds out.

ET 3: Mall Tigress

Mall Tigress
By Paul Calhoun

Sponsored by Demuto.
The pony is apart now, but the tigress wants to go shopping!

ET 2: Together Time

Together Time
By Paul Calhoun

Paid for by demuto demuto with a some plot directions from him as well.

The pair of couples in the two costumes go to the party and learn about each other and why you practice in these sorts of things before going out to a big gathering.

Cameo if you can find it!

ET 1: Extreme Togetherness

Extreme Togetherness
By Paul Calhoun

Freebie this time. For some money, I'll post what happens after!

An idea I've been rolling around for awhile. A two person costume that's not quite the usual version. Two couples use a costume party themed 'co-operation' to get some real quality together time. Of course, to the average viewer, what they might see is one couple with matching costumes.

Allie Sequel 1: Roads Traveled Again

Roads Traveled Again
By Paul Calhoun

After an Event which will for the time being be only eluded to, the boys retire Allie and even block her from their memories for five years. Then an unwise comment starts the whole thing up again only this time Allie can bend over without coming to pieces and is a whole hell of a lot more interested in sex than in trouble. Well, sometimes. Sometimes she's interested in clothes and sometimes in just being an older female. It really depends because now the gestalt Allie has broken into her component boys' personalities.

Twice As Mice

Twice As Mice
By Paul Calhoun

A pair of mice have to infiltrate a cat party and find out that this week's glamour girl cat wasn't going. You can guess what happens given this season's theme.

Allie Prequel 1: A Rare Opportunity

A Rare Opportunity
By Paul Calhoun

An Allie prequel conceptualized and paid for by bunnyman

Erika steals something Mark wants back. He and Connor go and get it but are caught by the girls and forced into a pony suit then dressed up. Their ordeal and escape give them greater understanding of themselves and their friends.

Cameo by Allie and Robert.

Allie 4: Allie Catwoman

Allie Catwoman
By Paul Calhoun

Paid for by bunnyman A sponsored Allie sidebar.

When cosplayers and their fans give the boys a hard time, Mark and Alan give them a harder one with Connor ready to take pictures.

Allie 3: Blind Allie / Allie Cat

Blind Allie/Allie Cat
By Paul Calhoun
Bought by Demuto
Turns out it was 11.5, not 10, so there's a bonus for you. There was going to be a scene with Allie in a two person horse costume doing a bit of weird meta costume imagery but that section was cut because things were running long.

The boys first test out their new social Allie at the mall with friends, followed by a trip to the pool and dinner at a nice restaurant. Then it's Halloween with the boys and girls trick-or-treating and a party in which Allie learns a valuable lesson many of our intrepid bodysuit users have to. Saying no is harder than it looks, especially when you've got two people in one attractive female.

Allie 2: Side Allie

Side Allie
By Paul Calhoun

Paid for by demuto

Allie returns for another job, this time a legitimate babysitting call. Will the boys crack under the pressure of a pair of stuck up little girls? Read on!

Includes a lead-in for the next installment.

Allie 1: Right Up Their Allie

Right Up Their Allie
By Paul Calhoun
Summary: Written for those tasteful perverts who were on Turkranma's journal. Some boys find a female skinsuit and decide it's time for a new babysitter in town!

Best Friend, Boyfriend

Best Friend, Boyfriend

By Paul Calhoun

Dear readers: This one just felt right. I'd been kicking around the idea of a man so determined and so in love with his girlfriend that he'd pretend to be a girl to get close to her and find out what she likes and wants. This is Maurice. He knows its ethically questionable, but he loves Shannon so much that he wants to get everything right so perfectly that Shannon is never disappointed or wishing for anything more.
This takes place in the same continuity as the UA, but as you will see later on, but be at least twenty years later. My guess is the 2060s. This also takes place at the very end of the story. It seemed the best place to start.

The Unplanned Adventures Part 6 - Uncomfortable Generations

Uncomfortable Generations

By Paul Calhoun

Dear readers: I started this in February expecting to be done by Easter. These stories are just getting longer and longer than expected. I thought it'd be short. Anyway, Mike's extended family visits, teaching Jane and Susan not to call their family weird. Here is a PDF with all the stories to date in their proper font, leading and with all the paragraph indentation intact.

Symphonic Seductions

Symphonic Seductions

By Paul Calhoun
With illustration by Turkranma

Dear reader: It's not exactly accurate to say that Turk illustrated this, as the story came second. Better to say that the comic inspired the story. Anyway, you can find him at


Started by Zoonatic
Finished by Paul Calhoun

Dear reader: Up to the first break, it's Zoonatic and from there on it's all me. This is something of his I felt could be extended. It's some of my earliest work in furry fandom. About four years now, I think. Not really up to the same standard as the Unplanned Adventures, but in a similar vein and I figured why not? There are plenty of things in this that could be considered prototypes for later development in the UA, and it isn't half bad, although it could be improved. Then again, a year after writing anything I believe that.

Freshly Driven

Freshly Driven
By Paul Calhoun

Dear reader: This was a request by a semi-friend of mine that I think went rather well. Upshot: A wandering mercenary/knight takes a job to slay a dragon who has been eating the local maidens. The problem is that the dragon refuses to fight honorably and will not appear unless the maiden is completely alone.

Head Case

Head Case By Paul Calhoun

Summary: Another crossdresser, this time more experienced, tries a new thing and gets into more trouble than he'd expected when his fursuit head gets stuck. Illustrations done by the same person as who did WVI, and so once again you can extend this story with money or illustrations.

With Voyeuristic Intention

With Voyeristic Intention By Paul Calhoun

Dear reader: This story is noticeably unfinished. That's because I decided to leave the decision on what happens in the next part to whoever could decently illustrate either this part of the story or the section they're asking for. Or you could just use money; I really don't care either way. You may notice images already there, but those are part of an art/lit trade with someone who I don't mind doing shorts for, but I'm not too enamored of his quality (as you might notice, he didn't quite follow the story's descriptions).

Oh, right, the preview. A guy sees something sexy and becomes it.

The Unplanned Adventures Part 5 - Unconventional Coalition

Unconventional Coalition By Paul Calhoun

Dear reader: This is the last of these stories which I have ready to hand, and given its length and relatively recent production, no more are likely this season. Thank you for going this far with Victor, Mike, Nora, Jane, Susan and everyone else, and for your reading pleasure, here is a PDF with all the stories to date in their proper font, leading and with all the paragraph indentation intact.

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