TopShelf's October 2013 Costumes Contest

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October 2013
Entry Submission Dates are from Friday September 13, 2013 until Sunday October 20, 2013.

Contest has started Now!

Voting Dates are from Monday October 21, 2013 - Wednesday October 30, 2013.
Contest Prizes are subject to going upwards before the end of the contest!

The Revelation Night to find the lucky authors who won is, of course, on Thursday October 31, 2013!

The Halloween Contest this year is going to be on a different theme. This year, your submissions should be about Costumes and/or Costume parties. Now the definition of Costume can be taken in different ways: Teekabell's Costumes was an inspiration for this contest. All your submission has to have is a main character whom is tglib, and involved with a costume at, near or after Halloween. Length - any size, all entries must be brand new material never published before anywhere. Any number of submissions may be entered, but only one, from any author, may place as a winner.

After due consideration, I have decided to lock the contest story setting to October and near, at, or after Halloween. Please disregard my prior comment that could allow the story settings to occur at other dates of the year!

Contest Prizes are as follows: there will be 4 x $100 winners!
Additional prizes may be included before the end of the contest.

Do not FORGET to properly label your submission(s) on the ++Fiction page using the contest box and select the label: October 2013 Costumes Contest!

So think about your story idea and get to work and show us your version of a Halloween Costume!


Image Credits: Free Wallpaper Vampire Girl Purple and Wicked Witch of the West ~Sephrena.

Frank's picture

Does the costume have to be TG related

Or can this be any TG character going to a generic costumed event?


Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator

The character

has to be either trans, gay, lesbian, intersexed, or bi to qualify. However, the costume can be tg related to a secondary character. The event does have to occur in the month of October and should be around Halloween.

[Edited as per new contest ruling~ Sephrena]


Call me ugly

Call me ugly will you Dan. Just wait my little Dan I mean Dorthy, I get you and your little brother to.

Just how TG?

What if my characters were comfortable enough as their assigned gender and never thought of themselves as TG but end up in a VERY TG situation largely DUE to their choice of costume?

And they also didn't realize it but were kinda TG in much of how they behaved even before the situation occurs? But come to recognize it and embrace it afterwards?

I'm trying to be somewhat evasive about EXACTLY what I'm thinking of while explaining what I'm thinking and it's not easy! LOL!

Uhm... The story I'm thinking of will also be kinda a little NSFW. Sexual acts will be depicted, though not entirely ON-SCREEN, so to speak. Some abuse will also be present... Sorry!!! They're the characters in my head right now lol!

Abigail Drew.

As long as the character

is either Trans, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Intersexed, and it conforms to the contest rules, anything goes.



I almost sent a pic of me in costume. I wish i could write as good as some of the authors here.

>> There is not one truth only out there. <<

I wish I could write as good as some here too

based on the stories I've seen submitted so far, I have no chance for more than "thank you for participating", but I'm gonna try anyway ...



My entry is completed and is only waiting for me to polish it up a bit. It is different, but this being me, that should not be a surprise. :)

Hugs to all!

PS: And it's not even the last minute!

Oh well, maybe next time.

Darn, my story uses a Halloween costume party to exploit a mans ability to pass, Then his basically tricked into staying that way long term. Don't really sound like it qualifies, and with my Wonderful writing skills I would do good to get an "also posted" notice. Maybe next time.

Thanks BC....hope I got it right this

Voting for the contest

Hey, Sephy,

I understand I missed the deadline for my story submission, but raised the question in mind of how many submissions there actually were.

It doesn't seem there's a link (that I could find) that lists all the story submissions.

I'd hate for an author to miss votes because their submission was early enough it fell off the front page, or it was a multi-segment story.

Is there such a list?

Carla Ann

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