TopShelf's October 2013 Costumes Contest

October 2013
Entry Submission Dates are from Friday September 13, 2013 until Sunday October 20, 2013.

Contest has started Now!

Voting Dates are from Monday October 21, 2013 - Wednesday October 30, 2013.
Contest Prizes are subject to going upwards before the end of the contest!

The Revelation Night to find the lucky authors who won is, of course, on Thursday October 31, 2013!

The Halloween Contest this year is going to be on a different theme. This year, your submissions should be about Costumes and/or Costume parties. Now the definition of Costume can be taken in different ways: Teekabell's Costumes was an inspiration for this contest. All your submission has to have is a main character whom is tglib, and involved with a costume at, near or after Halloween. Length - any size, all entries must be brand new material never published before anywhere. Any number of submissions may be entered, but only one, from any author, may place as a winner.

After due consideration, I have decided to lock the contest story setting to October and near, at, or after Halloween. Please disregard my prior comment that could allow the story settings to occur at other dates of the year!

Contest Prizes are as follows: there will be 4 x $100 winners!
Additional prizes may be included before the end of the contest.

Do not FORGET to properly label your submission(s) on the ++Fiction page using the contest box and select the label: October 2013 Costumes Contest!

So think about your story idea and get to work and show us your version of a Halloween Costume!


Image Credits: Free Wallpaper Vampire Girl Purple and Wicked Witch of the West ~Sephrena.

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