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1 Phenom - post 12    Tue   K.T. Leone
2 South of Bikini 2: E5- New Beginnings and Conspiracy    Tue   R.G.Beyer
3 The Transit of Venus - Ch 11    Tue   Rhona McCloud
4 Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2405    Mon   Angharad
5 Mares Tales 8    Mon   Beverly Taff
6 Death's Own Daughter Chapter 37    Mon   WolfJess7
7 Unaccounted Gains - Chapter 2    Mon   Shiraz
8 Eve - Chapter 7    Mon   Shiraz
9 Land of My Heart - Chapter 12    Mon   Bronwen Welsh
10 Amber: In the House of Calvin - Ch. 67: Pawn of the Universe    Mon   Ryker
11 Thicker than Water    Sun   NicoleR
12 Seraph The Origin    Sun   Stardraigh
13 A Friend in Need Part 17    Sun   Christina H
14 I Need To Remember. Chapter 9.    Sat   Ahaz
15 Dragon Riders Part 13    Sat   Alter-Ego
16 Julina of Blackstone - 030 - Needles    Sat   Julia Phillips
17 MAU: Can't Take The Sky From Me! Chapter -10-    Sat   Grover
18 You Chose the Wrong Store – Part 13    Fri   Jessica C
19 The Prolific Scorer    Fri   Anon Allsop
20 Choices - Chapter 14    Fri   Sherryann44
21 Kelly Girl - LAST POST    Fri   Wanda Cunningham
22 A personal history of Mutation, or how I spent my teen years. Chapter 8.    Thu   Nagrij
23 Dottie's Birthday Dream - A Jaci/Dottie Story    Thu   Dorothy Colleen
24 Havens Salvation 7-2 Meet and Greet    Thu   Misha Nova
25 Out of the Ashes, Part 6 - Wednesday and beyond.    Thu   SamanthaMD
26 Pond Life    Thu   NicoleR
27 for my brother    Wed   New Author, Kyle
28 Not a dancer but I couldn't resist - Dammit!    Tue   Rhona McCloud

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Phenom - post 12

The fourth book of the God Bless the Child saga
Available on Amazon for purchase and review

How tall are you?

How Tall Are You?

A average young man, a programmer and artist, fines his first love and she is his boss.

South of Bikini 2: E5- New Beginnings and Conspiracy

Concluding their mission to 1865, Alex receives an important call from her sister, Brianna. The mission she proposes will be the strangest and most dangerous the Empress and her sisters have ever faced.

The Transit of Venus - Ch 11


The Transit of Venus - Ch 11

by Rhona McCloud

Not the end of the story;
not even the beginning of the end of the story;
but the end of the beginning of the story.

“Could you, Venus, sail a yacht single-handed to Tahiti?"

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2405

The Daily Dormouse.
(aka Bike, est. 2007)
Part 2405
by Angharad

Copyright© 2014 Angharad
All Rights Reserved.

Mares Tales 8

Beverly's relationship intensifies with Veronica and Jennifer. However she is tricked into betraying her friends and suffers the consequences. This chapter also describes an interesting 'English' lesson at the school.

Categories: Bondage Femdom, Authoritarian Physically Forced or Blackmailed
Keywords: Bondage Chastity Belts School Girl



We have all caught an infection at sometime, right?

Take as few days off, lot's of chicken soup, and things will soon be back to normal.

That's the way it works, isn't it?

Except in my case, not s'much.

When I catch a bug it gives a whole new meaning to "Bird Flu!"

Death's Own Daughter Chapter 37

Death’s Own Daughter


At 97, JJ Owens thought he would take one last trip to pay his respects to fallen comrades. He didn’t see that the fates had other plans.

Edited by Prof. Virginia Whippeal, djkauf and my loving husband Paul

Unaccounted Gains - Chapter 2

Unaccounted gains  

Chapter 2


Accountancy can be deadly.


Eve - Chapter 7


Chapter 7


Simon Jones is Eve Jones. But she didn't know.


Amber: In the House of Calvin - Ch. 67: Pawn of the Universe

Amber: In the House of Calvin


by Ken Ryker

When fate intervenes, a night of fun becomes a journey into
a dark, mystical world, and a new heroine journeys within herself
to find an identity she never knew existed.

A tale of love, redemption, lust, and forces beyond comprehension.

Motherly Love

Motherly love.

My name is Stefanie, daughter of Frank & Rosie Carpenter
I am a sixteen year old girl full of energy
but that wasn't always that way.

Du Bist Sehr Schön: A TG Mixed Tape

Du Bist Sehr Schön


Edited by Hutcho

A collection of 12 short, short stories from 12 different voices in TG fiction. Hit play and let them transport you from the world as it is now to fairy castles and dystopian futures and back again, and introduce you to gods, daemons, cross-dressers and criminals and much more.

Thicker than Water

Two young girls are caught up in a plan to kidnap the son of a wealthy politician. Can they undo the plot and save the boy, can they even survive? A sequel to “Jade”

Seraph The Origin

Kregg's Story

Seraph The Origin

CAUTION: this is a large sized image at 547kb.

A Friend in Need Part 17

A Friend in Need
Part 17. Preparations

I was surrounded by people, my family, Jane and Keith other friends, all congratulating us, CJ had his arm around my waist, I was still blubbering like an idiot, Jane, my mum and Kerry my daughter took me away from CJ to the ladies room to sort myself out, all grinning like Cheshire cats.

I Need To Remember. Chapter 9.

Chapter 9. Linda finds out who is responsible for her second chance.

Dragon Riders Part 13

Dragon Riders

Must love dogs

By alter-ego

Synopsis:When two islands appear, it causes world wide changes as the nations unite into a global government. Welcome the Dragon Riders!

Julina of Blackstone - 030 - Needles

Julina's afternoon could hardly be described as peaceful.

Julina of Blackstone
Her Chronicles

by Julia Phillips

030 - Needles

MAU: Can't Take The Sky From Me! Chapter -10-

“We got not one, but three hits off of Google searches.” M replied, tossing him the hard copy folder. “And all three are in the same area as the initial sightings on Friday night. Do you still want to bet that an MAU wasn't involved?”

The Prolific Scorer

The Prolific Scorer
By Anon Allsop

The old man sat on the park bench enjoying the warm spring air. He watched a young teenage boy dribbling a basket ball down the sidewalk toward him. His icy blue eyes, still watchful and alert even in old age. The boy was concentrating on the dribble, trying to bounce it between his legs but kept hitting himself in the bottom. The old man smiled.

Now working the ball behind his back, the boy was able to get it to bounce forward through his feet. He smiled and looked around to see if anyone witnessed his great feat. Only the old man was there smiling.

Choices - Chapter 14

(Miri makes a promise to her son and her husband breaks his.)

Single Parenthood

Single Parenthood

I’m a single parent, after the death of my wife I'm forced to raise my daughter of five

A personal history of Mutation, or how I spent my teen years. Chapter 8.

Anyone remember this one?

Yeah, I've been slowly working on this update, and it also ran a little long. Hopefully that will be the end of that


Dottie's Birthday Dream - A Jaci/Dottie Story

Dottie’s Birthday Dream

Author's note: This could very well be the last Dottie story. I hope you've enjoyed the series as much as I have writing them.

Room One


By Nicki Benson

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